Proximity System

The system checks if there is more than two people with line of sight to each other for a specific amount of time.

If that time period is exceeded, all three players will be kicked automatically.

Manual review of the situation might lead to a ban. Also there is additional auth based Anti-Teaming measures in place.

Skin Shop

Free for Everyone. Type /skin shop to open the shop. 

Money is earned every half an hour.  

To change the skin of an existing item, pull it into your hotbar and select it via the scroll wheel. Then you can type /skin to apply the skin.

Private Messages 

You can send private messages to other Players by typing /pm <playername> <yourmessage>. If you want to respond to a message, you can alternatively use /r <yourmessage>.

Upgrade Workbench 

If you have the required resources in your inventory, look at the Workbench and type /upgradewb  into Chat.

Furnace Splitter

The plugin automatically splits resources into stacks of three when placed in furnaces. Can be disabled and configured in the bottom right.

Quick Sort

Provides a convenient GUI when looting.

Bypass Queue

When the Server is full you bypass the queue.

Sign artist 

When looking at a sign type /sil <url>  in chat and the image gets uploaded to the sign. Illegal content is strictly forbidden. Otherwise get creative!

Where's my Corpse?

On respawn, or when a player types /where, an arrow with distance (meters) is displayed for the player showing them where their corpse was last seen.

Blueprint Share 

Players in your team automatically learn all the blueprints you research and vice versa.

Share missing BP's with your teammate by typing /bs share <playername>.


Every 60 Minutes there will be a global scrap gamble. Players can enter by typing /globalgamble deposit 100, where "100" is the amount you want to bet.

The Winner will be chosen after five minutes. The more scrap you put in, the higher your chance of winning!